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The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is to every evening think what can be done better tomorrow.
Ingvar Kamprad

Labor productivity

Trade and production company “Stimul” announces the launch of “Labor productivity” project. Based on the Federal Center of
Competence expert estimates, an increase in the overall productivity of organized production processes may reach 30% by 2024 within
the framework of the project.
The project consists of 3 stages and is designed for 3 years. As part of the project, the Federal Center of Competence experts provide
support in the following areas:
• Implementation and adaptation of the process of goal-setting and motivation of employees to achieve goals;
• Optimization of manufacturing and office processes using lean manufacturing tools to create sample flows;
• Formation of a project management system and creation of infrastructure for the implementation of a culture of continuous
• Training of employees at the production site and education of trainers for the subsequent transfer of knowledge;
• Preparing managers and employees for the transformation of industrial culture.
In addition, the company will have access to financial support, the creation of a training system, overcoming administrative barriers,
reducing the regulatory load and export support.


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