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The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is to every evening think what can be done better tomorrow.
Ingvar Kamprad

TMC "Stimul" has successfully undergone the federal experts’ audit

During the audit, TMC Stimul successfully confirmed the effective implementation of the developed Labour Productivity programme. With the support of external experts, strengths and new growth areas were identified.

The heads of the working groups presented to the experts of the Federal Competence Centre the results of implementing lean manufacturing tools, production flow analysis, process balancing, introduced improvements, process time reduction and stock reduction in the flow.

The entire project progress is visualised through the enterprise’s production analysis and information centre, one of the tools for decomposing goals and an integral part of the performance management system, which provides high-quality and continuous monitoring of the achievement of the goals set by the enterprise, which allows you to identify deviations from key performance indicators, identify barriers and eliminate them, increase cross-functional interaction departments and overall involvement.

At the following stages of the project, the TMC Stimul team will continue to expand competencies in shaping the lean production culture, an additional incentive for the promotion of culture will be state support measures and the company’s need to combine the entire range of competencies and develop internal trainers to further train employees and enhance their knowledge and skills.


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