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I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it
Pablo Picasso


Customer focus

In 2018, as part of an investment project, our company was formed by a group of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. In the shortest possible time, the company acquired the status of a resident of the Kaliningrad Special Economic Zone, having received appropriate access and the possibility of a special legal regime for carrying out production activities and trade within the free customs zone.

Our company is based on the principle of customer orientation. We strive to create a product that best meets the needs and tastes and wishes of our customers. We listen to opinions and build a dialogue with the customer, conduct large-scale testing of our product, laying the foundation for confidence in building long-term partnerships.
As part of complex projects, we keep a timely account of all aspects related to technology optimization, personnel training, selection and assessment of the raw material base, technical support of our partners, development of individual client recipes, and building a transparent system for controlling the formation of the cost of finished products.
Based on our experience, we help our partners create a product that takes into account the specifics of the trends of the modern market and allows you to achieve the highest results with maximum cost savings in a short time.

The geography of our presence is constantly growing: already now, branches and modern warehouse complexes of our company are operating in Kaliningrad, Moscow, Penza, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, and the number of employees has exceeded 200 people.

Synergy of tradition
and innovation

The Russian economy is acquiring a new framework – the importance and overall impact of complex modern technological solutions is growing. One of the most important priorities of our company is to support movement in this direction.

On the basis of our enterprise, our own R&D (Research and Development) center was formed, which provides a wide range of opportunities in the field of research and development of innovative technological solutions.
All employees of the technological direction are constantly improving their skills at leading European enterprises, whose production and research centers are successfully operating in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.
Highly qualified specialists, modern equipment, high quality control standards and well-thought-out logistics are the main advantages of the Stimul Trading and Production Company, together with our partners – food industry enterprises – we create a unique and demanded product.

Our achievements

Image: Certificate
  • Membership card of KTPP
  • Best Mentoring Practices
  • Participant of the project “Productivity of labor”
  • SEZ resident status
  • Halal certificate

Modern production
and advanced technologies

Two production sites – in Svetlogorsk and Novosibirsk – with a total area of ​​over 7 thousand square meters. meters make it possible to produce more than 1000 tons of products per month. The modern warehouse complex meets the requirements for temperature and controlled humidity and is equipped with an isolated room for products subject to veterinary and phytosanitary control.

Modern automated European equipment from leading manufacturers (WIENER, Macintyre, Alpy) is a guarantor of consistently high quality products. As part of the modernization project, in 2019, the production fleet of equipment was updated, which made it possible to increase the production capacity of the enterprise by 30% and significantly reduce the number of manual operations.

The production technology of our branded glaze assumes a thorough check and preparation of raw materials at the stage of incoming quality control, including microbiological analyzes.
Long-term two-stage grinding of the mixture of ingredients in conche refiners and in ball mills is accompanied by additional quality control of the semi-finished product. Forming and multilevel cooling completes the crystallization phase of the mass on the automatic filling line. For safety reasons, the line is equipped with trapping screens and magnetic filters. The last production stage is the final quality control of the finished product. The HACCP principles are incorporated into the Company’s quality policy. Samples are taken from each released batch, which are subject to storage in a special laboratory warehouse for the entire shelf life of the finished product. Thus, we were able to ensure complete traceability of the product life cycle: from raw materials to the client.

The form factor of the finished product is plates and drops, the packaging corresponds to the needs of the customer, and is the optimal solution for further transportation of the finished product to any geographic point: craft bags, boxes of different weight filling.

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