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Cocoa powder

For the production of our product, we use only high quality cocoa powders Our regular partners are the leaders of the global industry – Theobroma, JB, etc. We carry out direct contracts for the supply of natural and alkalized cocoa, made from selected varieties of the best cocoa beans grown in West Africa, fermented, roasted and crushed at leading European factories. Cocoa powder is obtained from cocoa cake obtained from the production of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter. Depending on the degree of alkalization, cocoa powders are subdivided into weak, medium and strongly alkalized. When processing cocoa cakes with alkalis, cocoa powder acquires a deep dark color and a rich range of shades.

The processing removes volatile acids and reduces the overall acidity of the product. The pH level rises to 6.8-7.2 and above. In the process of alkalization, the content of tannins decreases. Alkalized cocoa powder dissolves more easily in water compared to natural cocoa powder.

Cocoa powders are widely used in the manufacture of high-quality chocolate coatings, as well as wafer layers, fillings, chocolate butter and margarine, ice cream, flour and confectionery products, biscuits, spreads.

When using alkalized cocoa powder in the bakery and confectionery industry, the content of cocoa powders in the finished product can be reduced from 20 to 50%.


Vanillin is widely used as a flavoring agent in the beverage and confectionery industries The current trend dictates an increase in the use of synthetic vanillin due to the low availability and high cost of natural vanilla. Vanillin is a white, sometimes with a yellowish tinge, powdery mass formed by colorless small needle-like crystals. Possesses a dense pleasant smell and a characteristic bitter taste. Crystalline vanillin is resistant to high-temperature influences (it does not lose its smell at 250 ° C for 25 minutes), for which it is especially appreciated in baking bakery and flour confectionery products, as well as in the manufacture of ice cream and drinks. The global vanillin market is growing by 8.2% annually, and the Asia-Pacific region remains dominant. Strategically, one of the leading vanillin producers, Camlin, is our trusted Asian partner.

Camlin acquired 51% of the shares of Ningbo Wanglong Flavors and Fragrances Company Limited (China), taking a leading position among vanillin producers in the global market. The vanillin production process is patented. There are 3 main types of vanillin produced: Julan, Polar bear and Eternal Pearl, the difference is in the degree of concentration. Eternal Perl, or ethyl vanillin, is the most intense type of vanillin used mainly in pharmaceuticals and perfumery, Julan is the most popular vanillin on the Russian market and in China. Eternal Pearl, due to its rich taste, is most suitable for the production of confectionery glazes and fillings

Coconut oil

Продукт растительного происхождения, получаемый из высушенной мякоти кокосового ореха путем холодного или горячего отжима.

Родина кокосового ореха – страны Азии (Индия, Шри-Ланка, Тайланд) и Индонезия.

Применяется, в частности, в качестве жира при производстве глазури для мороженого, маргаринов и шортенингов, кондитерских изделий, а также в других отраслях промышленности.
Our company organizes direct supplies of coconut oil from the world’s largest manufacturers: Cargill, MOI, Sime Darby Oils and Wilmar.

Oil substitute
cocoa (ZMK)
lauric type

(CBS — cocoa butter substitute) — доступная альтернатива дорогому какао-маслу при производстве кондитерской глазури, корпусов шоколадных конфет «ассорти», шоколадных фигурок и плиток — изделий, где требуется большая твердость, устойчивость и стабильность при длительных сроках хранения.

Изготавливается на основе тропических масел, содержит минимальное количество трансизомеров жирных кислот.

Заменители масла какао лауринового типа кристаллизуются сразу в стабильную форму и потому не требуют сложного процесса темперирования. При этом обеспечивают шоколадную структуру, вкус, аромат и блеск глазури, придают ей устойчивость к жировому «поседению», а значит, могут использоваться в изделиях с длительными сроками годности.
Glaze based on ZMK is hard, with a glossy surface, gives an excellent chocolate crunch when broken, melts well in the mouth and does not leave a greasy feeling.


The product of incomplete acidic or enzymatic hydrolysis of starch (potato, corn). It is used in confectionery and canning industries, as well as for the production of dressings. When added in small quantities, it determines the color, and in large quantities – the taste and viscosity of dough products

Molasses is used in the manufacture of gingerbread and some types of bread, some types – in the production of ice cream and frozen desserts to increase the freezing point of the product.

Soy lecithin

A yellow liquid product with a viscous texture, containing B vitamins, phosphates, phosphodiethiocholine, choline, inositol, linolenic acid. Has no pronounced odor, poorly soluble in water and alcohol. It is used to reduce the yield point and viscosity level, obtain a uniform consistency, increase stability when interacting with water, prevent the formation of air bubbles and cavities, and reduce the calorie content of products

It is used in baked goods and bakery products, confectionery products (sweets, chocolate), as a component of glaze for marshmallows and other sweets, in margarine and spreads, in sauces, ketchup and mayonnaise, in pates and instant soups.

Condensed milk

Concentrated milk containing sugar. It is a homogeneous and viscous mass. Used for the preparation of various confectionery products, drinks and cocktails, and also consumed separately

Condensed milk, made in accordance with GOST, has a sweet taste with the smell of pasteurized milk or cream. Solid – white with a cream shade, fat-free – pure white or white with a slightly bluish tint.


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