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No one will admire a man who stumbled. But the one who was able to rise is worthy of admiration.
Abraham Lincoln

Strategy as business art

In December 2021, the Government of the Kaliningrad region, together with the Kaliningrad Region Entrepreneurship Support Center, organized “Best Mentoring Practices” Competition won by TMC Stimul.

Mentoring is not an innovation, but a long-standing, traditional and effective way of teaching employees of new skills. We were delighted to share our knowledge transfer secrets with the competition organizers.

Mentoring in TMC Stimul is a continuous systematic process of mastering theoretical and practical skills, ensuring professional and safe performance of work.

Mentors conduct training both in game form and in real working conditions; theory is always associated with practice. Beginners are not allowed to work independently without successfully passing the exam. Our mentoring system allows for the effective induction of even those staff members who have been hired or reassigned without relevant work experience.


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