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"None of us is as smart as all of us"
Kenneth H. Blanchard

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October 2022
Congratulations on the Day of Food Industry Workers!

The team of Trading and Manufacturing Company Stimul team wholeheartedly congratulates its partners and colleagues on the Day of Food Industry Workers!

September 2022
Happy birthday, Stimul!

The team of Trading and Manufacturing Company Stimul has celebrated a landmark event in the corporate life of the company – another year of successful business in the food industry market

July 2022
We support the best

Trading and Manufacturing Company Stimul became the sponsor of the chess tournament dedicated to the International Chess Day

June 2022

Trading and Manufacturing Company Stimul continues preparation for FSSC certification

April 2022
New challenges of a changing world

What is the way to choose under the conditions of the continuous changes – to arm oneself with the advice of the famous songwriter and wait for the world to give in to us, or to learn standing firmly on your feet during a next storm?

February 2022
Best Mentoring Practices

Mentoring is one of the effective methods of transfer of accumulated knowledge and successful adaptation of employees at new workplaces. Confirmed by TMC Stimul mentors.

January 2022
Strategy as business art

Strategy is an absolute necessity in today’s business. The creation of the image of the future company can be approached formally, otherwise you can invest the creative potential of the team in the process and create a work of art

December 2021
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

TMC Stimul team sincerely wishes its partners, colleagues, friends and family a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

December 2021
Trading and Manufacturing Company Stimul is a resident of SEZ

TMC Stimul has confirmed its status as a resident of the Special Economic Zone

October 2021
Mass media about us

The coverage of the Labour Productivity project implemented in Trading and Manufacturing Company “Stimul” in media space became a tradition.


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