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Confectionery glaze

Confectionery glaze is intended for coating sweets, dried fruits, marshmallows, soufflés, curd cheeses, rolling dragees, cakes, waffles, cookies and other confectionery and flour products. It is also used for making chocolate decorations (crumb into the body of ice cream, etc.).

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa powder (not used in white glaze), cocoa butter substitutes, emulsifier, flavor. The glaze can be with or without the addition of dry milk products. Has a pronounced chocolate taste and smell.

Glazes are resistant to oxidation and blooming, melt without a waxy effect, harden quickly, have a high dispersion (at least 92%), do not require a complex tempering or crystallization process.

We offer confectionery glazes with packaging in corrugated boxes with a net weight of 20 kg (plates up to 2.5 kg) and in kraft bags with a net weight of 25 to 35 kg (drops of various sizes)

Shelf life of glaze: 18 months dark, 12 months white.


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