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Cream fillings

The products are intended for processing in the confectionery, dairy and catering industries.

Cream fillings are used in the production of cookies, puff pastries, croissants, pies, cheesecakes, for making casseroles, puddings, as well as curd cream in combination with custard, butter and others.

Cream fillings are made from sugar, whey powder, stabilizer, milk fat substitute, starch, preservatives, flavorings, emulsifier can be used. Mass fraction of fat – 8.5-12%, dry matter content – 55% or 60%.

Cream fillings are thermostable, that is, they can withstand loads up to 240° C during baking.

We offer cream fillings with packaging in plastic buckets or corrugated boxes with polyethylene inliners of net weight from 10 to 30 kg.

Shelf life of fatty fillings: 6 months.


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